What To Do In The Event Of A Dog Bite

How To Tell If A Dog Is Feeling Aggressive

• Their stare is intense, watching you for indications you’ll attack or looking for an opening to run or fight. • Their tail is stiff with anger or tucked with fear instead of high and wagging. • They pull their lips back to expose their teeth in warning.

When Facing An Aggressive Dog

• Stay calm and still. • Turn sideways and avoid a staring contest. • Move slowly to avoid startling them. Back away. • Slowly get something between you, like a jacket, bookbag, or purse. If the dog attacks, let it bite that instead of you. • If the dog does attack you, go into the fetal position.

After a Biting Incident

If the dog does bite you or a loved one, you can take the following steps.

Document The Attack

• Get the names of the owner and the person responsible for the dog at the time of the biting. • If the dog doesn’t have an owner nearby, call animal control. • Get the name and description of the dog and ask for vaccination records. • Write down what happened in as much detail as possible. • Take photos of all injuries, the scene of the biting, and the dog, if possible.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Take steps to stop any bleeding, but it is still advisable to see a doctor immediately.  The bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause serious infections. You may also need rabies shots if you don’t have the dog’s immunization records.

Report The Bite

You should report the bite to a public health or animal control official. If the dog shows an unusual pattern of aggression, it poses a threat to everyone around them. Reporting them could save someone else from a severe bite.

Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney

Animal bite cases are complex. The other party could claim you were harassing the dog. They may lie to protect their dog, to avoid cost increases on their insurance policy. A dog bite attorney will understand the laws applicable to your state and how they apply to your case.

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