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    The personal injury attorneys at LifeLaw are ready to help you. Our team serves the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area with their personal injury, traumatic brain injury, and motor vehicle accident cases. See how our legal team can help you.

    Jury Verdicts & Settlements Obtained By LifeLaw Attorneys

    $3.9 Million for wrongful death medical malpractice involving a failure to diagnose by an IPN physician

    $3.8 Million for wrongful death in automobile vs bicycle accident

    $1.7 Million for client who was t-boned by a tractor-trailer

    $1.2 Million for client who was trapped in defective automatic gate owned by Camden/Oasis Apartments

    $1 Million for clients who were t-boned by a Coca-Cola Truck

    $1 Million for client who collided with semi-truck, tractor-trailer that pulled out in front of her.

    $825,000 for client who was t-boned in an intersection by a driver who failed to yield.

    $510,000 for client injured when vehicle accelerated into a Golden Nugget Casion parking barrier

    $375,000 for client who suffered neck and back injuries in a motor vehicle accident

    $375,000 for client whose vehicle was stuck in an intersection and suffered neck and back injuries

    $332,000 for client who suffered back injuries in a motor vehicle accident

    $255,000 for client who suffered back injuries in a motor vehicle accident

    $250,000 for client injured in a motorcycle accident

    $250,000 for client who suffered neck and back injuries in a motor vehicle accident

    $235,000 for client who was injured in a bicycle accident

    *This is not a guarantee. Some results achieved prior to formation of LifeLaw.

    How Were You Injured?

    Trust the legal professionals at LifeLaw to fight your personal injury case to make sure you are compensated appropriately for your pain and suffering. Here’s how we can help:

    car accident lawyer

    Car Accident

    Distracted driving is a true pandemic on the road. You may be minding your own business, doing nothing wrong, and then in an instant your whole world is turned upside down. Learn More
    Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycle Accident

    The lack of protective barriers between a motorcycle and the road leave riders prone to serious injury in the event of an accident. Learn More
    bicycle accident

    Bicycle Accident

    Bicyclists can incur serious and life-threatening injuries and recuperation can take weeks, months or even years. For this reason, bicyclists often face huge medical bills and other expenses following a serious accident. Learn More
    pedestrian accident attorney

    Pedestrian Accident

    When a driver hits a pedestrian with their car, there is a good chance they violated traffic laws or other best practices. Learn More
    brain injury attorney

    Brain Injury Accident

    A lot of people don’t realize that brain trauma can happen without impact to the head. At even relatively slow rates of speed, traumatic brain injuries can occur. Learn More
    semi-truck accident

    Rideshare Accident Lawyers

    Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have recently emerged as popular public transportation options. Learn More

    Dog Bite Attorneys

    Our expert lawyers can help you through the legal process of building a case and filing a claim with the dog owner’s insurance. Learn More

    Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys

    Drivers along Utah’s Wasatch Front share the road with more semi-trucks than drivers in any other state. Learn More

    Wrongful Death Lawyers

    A wrongful death suit can be messy, complicated, and lengthy. The idea of a lawsuit may feel overwhelming. Learn More

    Our Lawyers

    Having the best lawyers matters, and our reviews don’t lie. LifeLaw’s team of personal injury legal professionals are determined to help fight your case.

    David A. Francis

    David A. Francis

    Trial Attorney

    Jared Inouye

    Jared Inouye

    Trial Attorney

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