Ben Francis

Andrea Cabrera

Intake Specialist

From Navigating the intricacies of banking to empowering clients at LifeLaw, Andrea’s passion for human connection and efficiency shines through. With 6 years of experience guiding loan seekers through the financial maze, she has now found her true calling: advocating for personal injury clients at LifeLaw.

Andrea works as an intake specialist, signing new clients and preparing their claim for our team of case managers. Andrea’s genuine warmth and ability to connect instantly put people at ease. Whether it is a nervous first-time client or an injured client, she has a knack for building trust and understanding. Her sharp mind and dedication to detail ensure every case receives the meticulous attention it deserves.

But Andrea’s drive extends far beyond the office walls. When the workday ends, you will find her soaking up the Utah sunshine, whether it is conquering a challenging hike, cruising on two wheels, or simply basking in the beauty of nature. This active spirit fuels her can-do attitude and unwavering motivation, constantly pushing her to improve and excel.

So, whether you are seeking a champion in the workplace or a reliable teammate who thrives on connection and efficiency, Andrea is your go to gal. Her blend of banking acumen, genuine empathy, and boundless zest for life makes her an invaluable asset to both her clients and colleagues.