Seat Belt Laws

Hand pushing a seat belt closedIn Utah, a car crash occurs every 8 minutes. Every 20 minutes, someone is injured in a car accident and every 33 hours somebody dies in a car crash. Every time you step into your vehicle you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury, or worse. What can you do to help prevent injury in the unfortunate event you do get into a car accident? Buckle Up! Seat belts can decrease your risk of injury and death when you get into a car.

Utah lawmakers believe that seat belts are so important to car safety that they created a specific law addressing their use. The law was instituted in Utah on April 28th, 1986, and states that all passengers in a car must wear a seatbelt. Not buckling up can result in a 45 dollar fine and a secondary offense on your record.

Why should you even wear a seatbelt? Wearing a seatbelt is the single most effective safety device to protect against serious injury and death. Seat belts are also extremely important for children.  A properly fitted seat belt can actually save a child’s life in the case of an accident. It is also important to note that according to Utah State law, all children ages 8 or under are required to sit in a properly fitted car seat or booster seat, and failure to comply with these rules can result in the same fine and penalties. You never know what can happen when you get into your car, so the first thing you should do is buckle your seatbelt! It could save your life.

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