Cyclist Hit By SUV in Salt Lake City

On June 21, 2023, a forty five year old man became the latest victim of a cycling accident in Salt Lake City, suffering critical injuries after an SUV collided with he and his bicycle. This incident occurred on Thursday morning, reminding us once again of the inherent risks Salt Lake and Utah cyclists face while on the road. 

This bicycle accident transpired near the crossroads of Guardsman Way and Sunnyside Avenue, at 7:51 a.m., as reported by the Salt Lake City Police Department. Preliminary investigations indicate that the man was riding westward on Sunnyside avenue when he was hit by an SUV making a northbound turn onto Guardsman way. 

Emergency responders, including local firefighters, immediately provided life-saving aid to the injured cyclist. He was then transported to a nearby Salt Lake City hospital by an ambulance.

At LifeLaw Personal Injury, our heart goes out to the cyclist and all those affected by this tragic event. AS a personal injury law firm based in Salt Lake City, we are here to help victims of such unfortunate incidents. We are deeply committed to securing justice and appropriate compensation for personal injury victims, particularly those involved in a cycling accident. 

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