Myths That Scare People Out of Filing Car Accident Lawsuits

We learn in life that other people’s negligence can cost us dearly. If you are the victim of a negligent driver, you can lose your health, your savings, your hope for the future, and hours upon hours of your precious time.

While the other driver may not have intended to hurt you, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re left to suffer–and that’s not fair. You know this, we know this, and lawmakers know this. That’s why they created personal injury laws.

Even still, many car accident victims hesitate to file lawsuits–often because they are buying into myths. In these cases, false information is robbing them of the restitution they are legally entitled to. These laws were not made lightly. They were made in careful consideration of accident victims like yourself.

It’s one thing to make an informed decision to forfeit your right to file a car accident lawsuit. It’s quite another to make this decision based on myths and misinformation. Don’t fall victim to these common myths:

People who sue are greedy and heartless.

Some people balk at the very mention of “suing” or “personal injury lawyer.” The stigma comes from frivolous lawsuits that make the evening news. But if you are bearing the physical, financial, and/or emotional burdens from someone else’s negligent actions, your lawsuit is not frivolous.

Level-headed, hard working people stand for justice. If you decide to sue, you are not being greedy or heartless. You are simply working within the framework of the legal system to correct injustices.

And if you are worried about the financial burdens you will place upon the person who caused the injuries, remember that, in most cases, these charges will not fall to them. They will fall to their highly profitable insurance company.

If I file a lawsuit, I will have to endure a lengthy court trial.

Most of us have watched way too many courtroom scenes on the big screen, and we want nothing to do with them. Being ruthlessly cross-examined on the witness stand? No, thank you.

The truth is the vast majority of car accident cases never go to court. Rather, they are settled out of court in agreements reached between attorneys and insurance companies. And even if your car accident lawsuit does go to court, your attorney will prepare you thoroughly so that you will not be caught off guard on the witness stand.

I will have to spend hours fighting with insurance companies.

This may be true if you don’t hire a car accident attorney. Otherwise, you can leave the fighting to your lawyer.

An experienced car accident lawyer knows the relevant laws backward and forward. They also know the tactics that Big Insurance uses to skirt these laws. Most attorneys will tell you not to even talk to the opposing party’s insurance company so that they don’t try to get you to say something you shouldn’t.

A good personal injury lawyer will shoulder the burden of these communications so that you don’t have to.

Hiring a lawyer will bankrupt you.

Most car accident attorneys work on contingency fees. This means that you don’t pay them anything unless there is a favorable outcome to your case. Their fees are awarded as a percentage of your recovery amount once the case has been won or settled.

Suing = lack of forgiveness.

Being forgiving is a virtue–one that society puts a high value on. Some people mistakenly conflate suing with being unwilling to forgive, but suing is not a zero sum game. It is highly possible to fully forgive someone while still asking them to uphold their end of a legal contract.

Under the law, if their negligence led to your injuries, they are legally required to make that right. And remember that “they” are not usually having to pay the bill; their insurance company is.

Nice people know they make mistakes, and they pay insurance companies to cover them when they do. When you sue, you are simply asking their insurance company to do what they are paid to do.

I may waste months and not win my lawsuit.

If you work with an experienced car accident attorney, you will dramatically reduce the chances of this outcome. An experienced attorney can tell you from the get-go if they believe you have a sound legal case. If so, they will be highly motivated to help you win your case. After all, if they are being paid on contingency fees, they don’t stand to make any money if you lose.

While there is never a guarantee that you will win your case, you can greatly increase your chances with the help of a good attorney.

I can afford to take care of my own injury, so it’s not worth suing.

There is nothing in the law that says personal injury cases are only for those who make less than a certain amount of money. Justice applies equally to everyone. Your income is beside the point. When someone harms you due to their negligence, they have a legal responsibility to make financial restitution.

You should not have to pay for your property damages, days of missed work, or decreased earning potential due to your injury. You should not have to pay for the past or future costs of your injury (some injuries rack up bills for years to come).

And remember that personal injury lawsuits can bring more than just financial rewards; they can also serve as an effective deterrent. Your lawsuit could be the impetus for a reckless driver to change their ways and start driving safely. This could help save other lives.

Don’t buy into these myths and forego benefits that you are legally entitled to. It’s not fair to you or your family to pay the price for someone else’s poor judgment. For myth-free information about filing a car accident lawsuit, contact our Salt Lake car accident attorneys.


Myths That Scare People Out of Filing Car Accident Lawsuits


Many myths surround seeking compensation after car accidents, but the truth is filing a lawsuit promotes justice, not greed. Experienced attorneys handle negotiations so you don’t fight insurers yourself. Contingency fees provide affordable representation. Lawsuits enhance accountability and deter negligence. Even if you can cover injuries, responsible parties should still provide restitution. Don’t let misconceptions deprive you of fair compensation. Consult knowledgeable attorneys who will fight for you while protecting your interests.

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