Choosing the Right Medical Provider After a Car Accident

A car accident is an inherently traumatizing experience. Not only do you have to deal with a damaged car and injuries, but you also have to consider the long term implications of your accident, particularly when it comes to your health and any potential personal injury claims. One of the most critical decision that you will make during this time is where you will be treating for your injuries. While this may seem insignificant, the decision of where you seek your medical treatment can greatly impact both your physical recovery and the outcome of your legal claim. So, how can you pick the right medical provider for you?

Understanding the Importance of the Right Medical Provider

In a personal injury claim an insurance company will most likely be responsible for paying for the settlement of your case. An insurance company will typically look at two central pieces of information when evaluating the validity of your injury claim, these being property damage and the injuries that you have sustained from the accident. This is why going to the right medical provider is crucial to your case. A doctor will document your injuries, provide necessary treatment, and offer an expert opinion on your prognosis. These will form the basis of your claim for damages. A provider that is experienced in handling personal injury cases will understand the importance of thorough and accurate documentation. Insurers will look for any reason to find an issue in your case and pay as little as possible for your damages, having an the right medical provider can ensure that your case’s foundation is firm.

Key Factors When Selecting a Medical Provider

When you are selecting who you would like to be in charge of your treatment, try to keep the following in mind:

Specialization and Experience

Try to look for a provider who specializes in treating injuries that are common to car accidents, such as whiplash, spinal injuries, and concussions. An experienced doctor or specialist will be familiar with the complexities of such injuries, and will be able to know any long-term effects and will be able to create a specialized treatment plan for you.

Familiarity with Personal Injury Cases

Insurance companies are typically responsible for paying for the injuries that you sustain in a personal injury claim, and they will find anyway possible to minimize the amount that they have to pay for your case. With that in mind insurance companies will work with certain medical providers and tell them how to document their notes in a specific way to reduce your injuries as well as the amount that they will have to pay for your case. Try to choose a medical provider who is accustomed to working with a car accident lawyer and one that understands the legal process. These doctors are typically adept at documenting your injuries in a way that is useful for your legal claim.

Communication Skills

Your provider should be able to communicate to you clearly about your diagnosis, as well as your treatment plan and prognosis. Effective communication is essential for both your recovery and your case, be sure that your provider is able to effectively communicate with you throughout your treatment.

Access and Availability

A major factor you should consider when choosing a medical provider is the location and availability. Consistent treatment is key in a personal injury case so always try to go to a medical facility that can make appointments that work for your schedule.

Pitfalls to Avoid

When you choose your medical provider you should also try to avoid the following:

Providers Unfamiliar with Personal Injury Cases

A provider who is inexperienced in dealing with personal injury cases might not document your injuries and treatment adequately, this can potentially weaken your claim and reduce your settlement.

Delayed and Inconsistent Treatment

The number one mistake you can make in your personal injury claim is delaying or receiving inconsistent treatment. Seeking medical treatment months after your accident can not only harm your physical recovery but it can also affect your legal claim. An insurer might see this delay in treatment as a sign that your injuries are minor or that they are non existent. This also applies to consistently skipping appointments or not following the treatment plan that has been assigned to you. Missing appointments and not completing treatment may suggest that your injuries are not as severe as you may claim.

How an Injury Attorney Can Help

When you work with a car accident attorney they can often give you a list of medical providers that would work best for you. A injury attorney can provide you with recommendations based on their experience and will often know providers who have3 a proven track record in supporting your personal injury claim effectively. Here at LifeLaw Personal Injury our team of expert car accident lawyers will help connect you with the best medical specialists possible so you will be able to get the medical attention and expertise that you deserve.

Selecting the right medical provider after a car accident is a decision that carries significant weight. The right medical provider will not only facilitate your physical recovery but they will also play a crucial role in the success of your personal injury claim. Finding a good provider is only one step to a successful personal injury claim. If you or someone you know has been injured be sure to reach out to the salt lake city car accident lawyers at LifeLaw Personal Injury. Our team of experts will gladly help you find the best medical professionals possible for your case, and fight against the insurance company to make sure you receive the best possible outcome for your case. Let our team of car accident lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve, contact us today for a free consultation.