What should you do if you’re involved in an auto accident?

Getting in an auto accident is scary and can leave you in a panicked and vulnerable state. However, it’s important to stay calm and take the proper steps to protect yourself and others. Keep reading to learn what to do if you’re ever involved in an auto accident.
Ben Michael

Ben Michael

Call Emergency Services and Your Insurer

If you have been involved in an auto accident more serious than a minor fender bender, there are two calls you should definitely make as soon as possible:

    1. First, call emergency services. If anyone is seriously injured, if there are cars or debris in traffic, or if the situation is in any way unsafe, you should call 911 immediately. If there has been significant auto damage, but no serious injuries and all of the involved vehicles are out of traffic, you can probably just call the non-emergency police number in your area. In addition to providing first aid, clearing the road, and arresting anyone who may have committed a serious crime as part of the accident, the police can also generate a report of the incident, which is an essential tool for making insurance claims or resolving disputes in civil court.

    2. Second, call your insurance company. The sooner you make a claim, the sooner you can get repairs and medical treatment. It’s also essential to take plenty of photos of any damages or injuries at the scene. Your insurance company will also often be able to help you with tasks like getting a tow and arranging a loaner or rental car.

Third, call a tow truck for your vehicle if it is not safe to drive. The police or your insurance company may provide some help with this one, but if not, it will be on you to get your car to the shop, and you should do so promptly in most cases.

Seek Medical Attention and Contact An Experienced Attorney

In the event that you become involved in an auto accident, the first and most crucial step is to seek medical attention. After that, you should contact an experienced attorney who specializes in handling such cases, as they can provide the guidance necessary to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

If possible, try seeking an attorney who has a proven track record of success in auto-accident-related cases and will be able to provide tailored advice based on the specific facts of your case.

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Addressing Medical Needs, Gather Information, and Notify Your Insurance Company

If you are involved in a car accident, you must take particular procedures and get proper advice to guarantee your safety and legal rights. First, you must prioritize your and others’ safety and health if there are any injuries. Seeking medical attention should be an immediate priority.

After addressing any immediate medical needs, gathering as much information as possible about the accident is advisable. This includes documenting the scene with photographs, making note of the other party’s information, and gathering witness testimony, if possible. It is also critical to notify local authorities of the accident and acquire an official police report.

When seeking help, consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney may be pretty beneficial. They can assist you [in] getting past the legal system, evaluate culpability, and argue for your rights. They can also assist in dealing with insurance companies, ensuring you receive fair compensation for any damages or injuries sustained.

Additionally, notifying your insurance company about the accident is crucial. They can guide you on filing a claim and initiate the claims process.

Remember to record all documentation related to the accident, such as medical bills, repair estimates, and communication with insurance companies or legal professionals. This documentation will be vital when seeking compensation or resolving any legal matters.

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